Do I have to register to order?

Registration is necessary to place orders at the TURTLE BOXES online shop. Upon registration you get access to the following benefits:

  • An overview of the status of your current orders at all times.
  • Easy customer data management.
  • Quick password change at any time.
  • Secure storage of different addresses for shipping and billing addresses.
How do I create a user account?
To start creating your account, begin by clicking on the ‘USER ICON’ tab at your screen's top right. This account will allow you to shop at Turtles Boxes and track orders.
What benefits do I get by creating a user account?

Clicking on the "User account" button takes you to your customer user account where you can:

  • Check and manage the status of your ongoing orders.
  • Recheck or change the billing and delivery address. 
  •  View saved projects.
  • Place or repeat orders easily and quickly.
How do I reset the password or what to do when you forget the Password?
No need to worry! Just request a new password at the login window by selecting the "Forgot password" button. A link to change your password will be mailed to you immediately.
How does the ordering process work?
The TURTLE BOXES online packaging ordering shop is specifically designed to help you order quickly and easily. Begin your order by selecting the product, material, finishes or design by yourself via our online designer or simply upload pre-designed print data. Once done, add your order to the cart and checkout.
Do I have to register in the online shop?
Yes, if you want to order at TURTLE BOXES online packaging store, you’ll have to register first.
My product is not included - What should I do?
Simply, contact us. Our experts will advise you personally so you meet all your requirements.
Turtle Boxes

Customer Care No. 18008918021

Email: [email protected]

Can I order more than one product at a time?
Yes, you can order several products at a time. To do so simply add the items you want to the shopping cart and place your order.
Do I have to upload my print data before ordering?
Yes, you have to upload the print data before you order packaging; otherwise, we will not be able to process your order. In case of any difficulties in creating the print data, be sure to use our online designer. Its industry-specific layouts help you to easily create print data online and review it via a live 3D preview.
How will I receive the Invoice?

Your invoice will be mailed to your registered email in PDF format. In case of any queries about your invoice, contact us at [email protected].

Where can I see the current status of the order?
You can easily check the live status of the order through your customer account.
Is it possible to edit my order afterwards?
Subsequent changes in your order can only be done after consulting our team. Also, no changes to the order are possible if the production of your packaging has already begun.
How can I cancel my order?
Once the production of your packaging has begun, it will be no longer possible for us to cancel your order. Typically, we advise you to contact us if you want to cancel your order.
My product is faulty; what can I do?
We apologise if your packaging is faulty. Our team constantly works to ensure the high quality of our print products and avoid any deviation in quality. It will be helpful if you contact us with a detailed description of the faults along with pictures to examine. We will get back to you once we are done checking the complaint internally. Your complaint will be directly forwarded to the quality control department at Turtle Boxes. Also, depending on the nature of your complaint we may request you to send us sample copies for further checking.
Turtle Boxes

Customer Care No. 18008918021

Email: [email protected]

Please note: In case the submitted sample copies are insufficient for checking or are not informative, we reserve the right to retrieve the goods entirely.
Upon examining the complaint, our quality assurance staff will contact you directly to further clarify and carry out the process.

A Note on Color Deviations
Even with the prominent printing machines of the latest generation, a slight color deviation is expected. Print results depend upon a number of factors and can be influenced by the nature/texture of the paper used, affecting the degree of whiteness and direction of travel. Other factors that influence printing quality can be the temperature and humidity at the printing facility. As a G7 certified facility, our printing process follows and maintains the global standard G7 grayscale definition for optimal color management. However, even while maintaining the best use of our printing forms and machines, certain color deviations do occur in a tolerable range and do not constitute a reason for complaint.
How do I redeem a voucher?
In case you have a voucher, redeem it in the shopping cart. Simply, enter your code in the designated field and click on the "Apply" button.
What is our online designer?
Our online designer allows you to create the desired layout for your packaging easily and quickly. There’s no need to worry about knowledge of graphics tools or additional costs, our simplified designing process gives everyone the opportunity to design their desired packaging.
In which file format can I use my own images?
The approved file formats to upload your own images are jpg or png. In case your own images don’t have the appropriate resolution, we will issue you a warning along with instructions to use a higher resolution. If you still upload images in a lower resolution, it may lead to bad print quality in the end product. In such a case, you yourself will be responsible for insufficient resolution in print. Be sure to upload only the images that don’t infringe the rights of other parties. In event of any complaints, we may request appropriate evidence from your end.
3D Preview from TurtleBoxes Designer Tool
Our design tools come with a convenient option to take a live preview of your packaging design at any time. It helps you plan and execute a design easily by helping you foresee what the end product will look like. Live rendering the 3D model of your packaging allows you to quickly check and correct the size as per your design. You can easily examine how the elements of your designs will be laid out and make changes accordingly. Be sure to note that the 3D renderings are low in resolutions and do not correspond to the print resolution. Also, photos and writing may partially pixelate or blur slightly. However, you can get the best possible rendering of your design by choosing the ‘High-Resolution Preview’.
How do I create print data?
There are several options to create print data on your own. Simply download your desired layout from our industry-specific templates and start creating via graphics’ programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Be sure to use the datasheet for your chosen template as a guide. You will find all the essential information about creating print data in our user guides. Also, you can always use our online designer and conveniently design your desired packaging. Our Liquid Templates are specifically designed to help you create innovative packaging.
How do I submit my print data?
Designs created using our online designer can be directly ordered without the hassle of uploading design files. Place your order by simply clicking on ‘Order’ once you are finished designing your packaging. Those who didn’t use our online designer please upload their completed print data on the designated pages while ordering.
What file format must my print-ready data have?
The approved format for print data is PDF / X-4 format. Please note that we won’t be able to print data in other formats.
Will my print data be checked before printing?

Your print data is checked against specified criteria as per our free standard data check. This standard data check ensures whether:

  • The dimensions are right.
  • The fonts are embedded or not.
  • The data is encrypted via password protection. 
  • The data file is corrupt.
  • Design colors are formatted in CMYK or not.
  • In case your data is in RGB format, we’ll automatically convert it to CMYK. Be cautious while switching from RGB  to CMYK colors, as it can cause color deviations.
What does 4/0 or 4/4 colored mean?
Basically, 4/0-colored specifies that packaging is printed in full color on one side on the front. Please note that all colors are created by the four basic colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Whereas, 4/4 colored signifies that packaging is printed in full color on both sides. This option is currently not available in our online shop.
What is a bleed?

Bleed points to the area of ​​the print data that are moving out of the final formatting. Typically, the colored areas should extend only 3mm outside the die-cut line in the template. Our design templates have a green line to help you visualise this area. 

In order to avoid bleeds, we advise you to print all your files with a 3mm bleed all around. Print files without specified bleed may cause color deviations, so its best to specify bleed beforehand.

Which resolution of the print data is required?
The recommended resolution for print files is from 250 to 300 dpi. Images with a lower resolution may get blurred or pixelated.
Punching contour, adhesive surfaces and trimming.

All packaging is folded or glued eventually, we know this even while designing. Every packaging design has its own graphic orientation which contains the following information:


  • Punching contour and creased lines (solid lines)
  • 3mm bleed (dashed lines)
  • Adhesive areas (grey  colored areas)
  • This graphic helps you easily locate out which part of the packaging you are working upon. Rest assured these lines won’t appear on the final print files. 
  • We advise you to create coloured areas as per the orientation lines to enable a consistent print image quality along the edges of the packaging.
  • The rest of the information will be available upon creating print data.
What payment options are there?
For a convenient and secure online payment following payment options are available: credit card, debit cards and internet banking.
When will my order be delivered?
The deadline for your packaging will depend on the nature of your order. Please note that deliveries are only carried out on working days: Monday to Saturday.